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The term SEO is getting thrown around pretty often these days and is incredibly important in digital marketing, but ask your average person on the street and they wouldn’t have a clue what it actually is. The truth is, SEO is a very complex process which can be difficult to explain clearly and succinctly. Never the less, I’m going to give it a try – so here goes:


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and is the process of optimising your website to achieve higher page rankings on search engine results.

When a user types in a search term, engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing, return results based on what websites they deem to be most relevant and authoritative to that term. Generally speaking, relevance is based on the content of your site and how many times the keywords appear. Authority is based on how many links are going in and out of your website. Factors such as the website’s security, navigation and loading speed also contribute to its rankings.

SEO therefore, is simply the process of enhancing the website to address these factors. These enhancements typically involve optimising keywords, structure, HTML code, URLs, META tags, XML sitemap, and other components that influence how search engine robots like Googlebot view your site. Being active on social media platforms and integrating this into your website can also impact your rankings considerably.

So there we have it, a very simple explanation of how SEO works. Now that you understand it, the hard part is just doing it – Luckily there are plenty of resources out there to help you.


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